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Contractor Beware Books (15 in English, 5 in Spanish)

These 16-page books feature full-color photos that illustrate key safety tips regarding overhead power lines, excavation, spotter and equipment usage, and natural gas lines.

Worker Beware Visor Cards (15 in English, 5 in Spanish)
These visor cards are kept in your vehicle as a quick reference for preventing accidents around electrical and natural gas lines on the job site. It covers how to work safely around overhead power lines and underground electric and natural gas lines, and what to do in the event of a utility contact.

Worker Beware DVDs (1 in English, 1 in Spanish), which contain:

  • Worker Beware video: This video training tool contains the latest, utility-related safety information available and enhances our other program materials. The video is broken into manageable, scenario-specific training modules for your convenience:
      • Introduction: Electric & Gas Safety Basics (5 min.)
      • Ladders & Long Tools (8 min.)
      • Cranes & Heavy Equipment (8 min.)
      • Digging & Heavy Excavating (14 min.)
  • Slide Show: This presentation is designed to enhance your safety meetings by introducing basic safety information to participants before viewing the video. It includes talking points to assist you with each slide.
  • Trainer’s Guide: This comprehensive guide addresses everything you need to run an effective safety training session, such as learning preferences, room set-up tips, presenter’s notes, and ideas for discussion and activities. Please consult MIOSHA for specific requirements.