Yellow markers with the Consumers Energy logo and our emergency phone number indicate the general location of our high-pressure natural gas transmission pipelines.
These markers call for extra care. They are usually found at road, railroad and waterway crossings, and at regular intervals across rural areas.

Pipeline markers may not show the exact location of the line, its depth or the direction it follows.
If you will be digging near a pipeline marker, rely on marks from pipeline owner in response to MISS DIG staking request to indicate location of the pipeline.

Call us to report suspicious activity.
If you notice any suspicious activity near a pipeline marker, or if you see construction occurring near a marker with no utility personnel present, call us to report the issue at 800-477-5050.

Maps can also be viewed to identify the approximate location of major natural gas pipelines.
To view these maps, visit the National Pipeline Mapping System website:


Pipeline markers and maps indicate only the general location of gas transmission pipelines. Never use them as a substitute for contacting MISS DIG 811 at 811 to have utility lines located and marked.


Watch Out Around Gas Pipeline Markers