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If your equipment makes contact with a Consumers Energy pipeline, electric, or other line, stop your excavation. Call us immediately at 800-477-5050, even if there is no apparent damage.
This includes nicks, dents, gouges, cuts, scrapes or scratches to the underground facility or its coating. Even a minor nick or scrape could cause future corrosion and/or a failure of the underground facility, resulting in a major health and fire hazard.

Follow these precautions:

  • Do not attempt to repair damaged gas or electric lines.
  • Do not cover the damaged facility with dirt. Trying to cover up an accident can be dangerous, and can lead to costly damages or criminal charges against you and your company.
  • Do not crimp plastic gas facilities.
  • Do not attempt to plug damaged pipes. Allow the gas to vent into the atmosphere.

DO NOT assume that damage occurs only at the contact point.
An underground facility that is pulled or bumped could break some distance away from the contact point.


Report any and all underground facility contacts to Consumers Energy immediately.


If You Contact a Utility








Learn the warning signs of
a gas pipeline leak:

  • A distinctive, sulfur-like odor
  • A hissing or roaring sound
  • Dirt spraying or blowing into the air
  • Continual bubbling in water
  • Grass/plants dead or dying for no apparent reason