To work safely, confirm all underground facilities have been marked before you dig by checking the MISS DIG Positive Response system.
Using your MISS DIG ticket number, go to or call back into 811.

Verify that the Positive Response information matches marks/staking at your excavation site.

If you will be using power equipment within 48 inches of the marks/staking, carefully expose the underground facility with hand tools or other soft excavation

In the following circumstances, do not dig, and contact MISS DIG 811 to request “additional assistance.”

  • If the location of a marked facility within the approximate location cannot be determined.
  • If the excavator has the reason to suspect the presence of an unmarked facility due to any 1 of the following:
      • Visible evidence of a facility with no marks visible
      • Lack of positive response to a ticket
      • A positive response from a facility owner or facility operator indicating the presence of a facility with no marks visible.


Make sure you check the Positive Response System after your underground utilities have been marked to verify the expected marks are still visible. If they are not, contact MISS DIG 811.


Check Miss Dig Marks Before Digging