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The Caution Zone means the area within 4 feet (48 inches) of either side of the utility marks.   

Before blasting or excavating in a caution zone, an excavator shall expose all marked utilities in the caution zone by soft excavation. If conditions make complete exposure of the utility impractical, an excavator shall consult with the utility owner or utility operator to reach agreement on how to protect the utility. For excavations in a caution zone parallel to a utility, an excavator shall use soft excavation at intervals as often as reasonably necessary to establish the precise location of the utility. An excavator may use power tools and power equipment in a caution zone only after the utilities are exposed, the precise location of the utilities are established, and no visible evidence of unmarked utilities exist.

  • If you are unable to determine the precise location of the marked facility within the approximate location, you must contact the facility owner through MISS DIG 811 again and the utility will provide additional assistance as needed.


Caution Zone for Hand Exposing